Cambridge Curriculum

The English course of our school adopts the Cambridge English course (Cambridge), and the course material adopts the official textbook, and the content comprehensively covers the outline of the Cambridge English Basic Examination (YLE); Recognized by major institutions around the world, it effectively builds the English language foundation for children.

The course focuses on children’s English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Foreign teachers introduce different key languages, grammar and skills through a variety of interesting stories, games, music and communication activities to prepare for Primary One.

Listening activities allow students to understand simple English words and grammar. Foreign teachers will teach students how to organize sentences and the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary through different activities.

Speaking activities Foreign teachers encourage students to use English for conversations. Different scenes and images provide students with opportunities for dialogue practice, which helps build their confidence in using English.

Reading activities In order to improve students’ reading ability, foreign teachers will attract students to study through interesting pictures and scenes, and further develop their reading comprehension ability.

Writing activities Foreign teachers allow students to improve their writing skills by using words and sentences to describe pictures. Every time a student completes a level, the student will receive a course certificate, and the foreign teacher regularly fills in the student’s progress report form to help parents understand the student’s learning progress.

Abacus Arithmetic Course

Abacus arithmetic can improve the arithmetic ability and speed of children. During the learning process, it can improve the thinking ability and coordination development ability of children. Abacus arithmetic has a significant development effect on young children’s intelligence, especially on the right brain. It is also widely recognized. Some researches have indicated that abacus arithmetic can improve the intelligence quotient(IQ), memory, concentration, spatial imagination, thinking ability and mental-image ability of children.

Bible Lesson ---"The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong-Anchor Lamb":

As the school’s uniform team, our school uses the Boys’ Brigade-Anchor Lamb as a complete set of Bible courses, so that children can learn in emotions, discipline, gregariousness and spiritual cultivation, so that they can easily adapt to school life and help develop their parents’ work.

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