School Profile


Founded in 1989, the school is a government subsidized non-profit-making kindergarten with affiliation with Kwun Tong Baptist Church and located in Tsui Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O. With nearly 700 square meters of area, 8 classrooms, 2 special rooms, hall, play room, indoor playground, medical room, counseling room, religious room and kitchen etc. are included in the premises.

School Song and Motto

翠林邨浸信會幼稚園/幼兒園 校歌







“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Prov. 22:6

Vision and Mission

We nurture the children’s balanced development between the six aspects of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spirit, and prepare their future life by cultivating their healthy lifestyle, all according to the doctrine of the Bible. We arouse children’s interest in learning, foster their positive learning attitude, confidence and independence, a bright and cheerful character, ability to face difficulties and solve problems, in order to lay the groundwork for their future learning and prepare their forthcoming primary school life. With the faith of the bible, children will be provided a right, positive and active attitude to life and value, hence be able to live a life with glory to God and his people.

Our Philosophy

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Prov. 9:10 

God made man in their images, and treasure every life. Children shall learn to appreciate themselves and others with the love of God; while the school shall follow the discrete traits and abilities given by God to the children to design the school-based curriculum that includes various learning activities (theme learning, project learning and bilingual learning) and one that not only fulfil children’s curiosity but also fit their ability development stages at different ages, therefore establish their talent and ability for them to contribute their strength. Our children shall become a future leader of wisdom, truth and ambition who is not afraid of failure, is bold to try and accept challenges, so as to contribute to the society and live the glory of God. 

Our Target
  1. As the character education is valued, children are encouraged to join the Anchor Lamb, The Boys’ Brigade so as to lead them to God and live a life with glory to God and his people.
  2. Guide children to build a value and attitude of life that upholds the family (to love themselves), the society (to care about relationships) and life (to treasure nature), as well as to nurture their healthy development of physical, mental, social and spiritual
  3. Prepare children’s future life by inspiring them to explore the world, to adore learning and to cultivate the ability to learn through diverse teaching methods (theme learning, project learning and bilingual learning).
  4. Establish children as the future leader of truth and ambition.
  5. Corporate with parents and the community to build an environment that is healthy for the growing up of children.
Student Support
  1. The school is participating in the Caritas Social Work Services to provide prevention and development service for children and their families, and pertinent support for families in need, and to enhance the function of family.
  2. In order to provide appropriate training to children with special education needs during their golden treatment period, the school is collaborating with SAHK.
  3. According to the “Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Students Aided Schools Program”, we assist non-Chinese speaking students to learn Chinese, hold activities to promote inclusive culture and provide education to parents in order to build a multicultural and inclusive environment.
  4. The K1 freshmen’s adaptation period allows parents to accompany children to adapt to kindergarten life and provide a progressive school time.
  5. Kindergarten to primary education transition activities, which include the primary 1 adaptation seminar, the primary 1 classes simulation, primary school experiential activity, allow K3 students to go through and familiarize with the primary school life as soon as possible.
  6. Different kinds of talks held by community supporting organizations are provided at school to strengthen children’s cognition to different aspects of their lives, including topics of road safety, healthy eating, eye care and fire safety.
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