Curriculum Objectives

We developed an all-round, balanced and proper curriculum according to the principle of happy schooling, and cultivate their of active learning through the curiosity and questioning attitude of children in compliance of physical activity, environment, contextual stimulation and various games, all under the objective to promote the following characteristics to children:

1. Have faith in God, so that children may adore nature and all around them. Experience the wonderful creation of God and cultivate them to fear and love the Lord.

2. Teach children to be obedient and teachable, cultivate them to respect their elders, obey and be taught, be humble and polite in dealing with others, have a humble and teachable heart, be honest and gentle, and have a good character.

3. Establish children’s life and gifts, lead them to know their own characteristics, understand their needs and feelings, and learn to express themselves.

4. Guide children to build a good interpersonal relationship, learn to be empathetic, to distinguish right from wrong, to respect and accept others, to live in harmony with peers, so as to communicate and cooperate with each other, to love learning, and live the spirit of loving God and neighbours.

5. Always be grateful, as to cherish and protect what they have around them. See the needs of others from self-satisfaction, so as to actively care for, consider and be willing to help others.

6. Communicate in biliteracy and trilingualism and acquire life etiquette.

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